What to choose for your Bathroom? Classy Shower Curtains or Screen?

People have different preference in what they would use in their bathroom.Some people like to use shower curtains because they like bathing in the tubmore than shower. Some other prefer screen to the curtains because they aremore shower people. Whether you choose the classy shower curtains or screen is yourchoice, but you may need to consider these items when you go shopping around,the items that would give you the help to choose between curtains and screens.Have a look.

dark grey chevron shower curtain

There are people who got easily bored with decoration they made. If you are among those people, you might be better to choose shower curtains. It’s because you can easily replace the old shower curtains with the new ones, so you can constantly get a refresh look in your bathroom. The shower curtain also can renew the look of the permanent fixtures in your bathroom such as the wall tiles.

For small bathroom, both shower curtains and screen can make your bathroom look bigger. Screen that is clear and transparent make your small bathroom look bigger because you can see all corners of the room. It is important to choose shower curtains that are made of sheer materials because it can create an airy bathroom.

Though you may not spend too much times in the bathroom, it is still one of the most used rooms in the house. Add some wit to the room, so that it becomes more fun to look at. For example, shower curtains with pebble prints. Your guest may do a double take to find out where your tub is.

For someone who love laying down in an oval bathtub, you might want to consider shower curtains than the screen. The glass screen couldn’t get around the curved corner of bathtub no matter what. However, shower curtains could do the things that glass screen couldn’t do, of course with the help of curved ceiling rods.

For those who want to separate a shower and tub, you may want to consider glass screen as your option. Recently there are various kind of glass screen with printed pictures on it. So you have more choices, just like shower curtains have various patterns.

Shower curtains are much cheaper than the glass screen. It means your budget is also one of the main considerations for choosing between the shower curtains and the screen. Set your budget from the beginning and stick to it, so that you won’t lose control when you go shopping around.

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