Using Modern Shower Curtains for More Fun in the Bathroom

Sometimes people pay no attention to bathroom decoration. It is becausethey think that it was just a small space, and they didn’t spend too much timesin the bathroom. That is why we often see dull bathroom in the regular houses.There are no rules that said you cannot be fun in the bathroom. In fact, youshould do it, so that you can be energized every morning while you brush yourteeth.

Modern shower curtains are the perfect choice to invigorate your dull bathroom. If you type the words at search engines, you will get thousands results of the modern style shower curtain with various genres, prints, materials, colors, and so on. It could be overwhelming though to select the best one because not only you have to pick the right prints, colors, and the like, you have to consider the existing bathroom décor whether your new shower curtain would be match with the décor or not.

Don’t feel intimidated or limited by the décor. All you just have to do is having fun. Let your creative side guide you to choose the patterns and colors that would complement the décor. There is no wrong or right to choose shower curtains, you can choose floral patterns, unique curtains, or embroidery curtains. it is your own bathroom anyway. So you can choose whatever you want. Here are the basic principles that may help you finding nice curtains.

If your bathroom has vibrant colors, pick shower curtains with neutral colors that would create the harmony of colors in the bathroom. On the opposite side, if your bathroom is dull with plain colors, choose shower curtains that could give energizing look such as floral patterns. If your bathroom lacks of natural lights, pick shower curtains that made of sheer fabrics to create brighter bathroom.

You can select shower curtains that show what your passion. For example,the shower curtain from Sharp Shirter that has a print of the title from JaneAusten famous novel, Pride and Prejudice. For those who like a theme inbathroom décor, Odyssey shower curtain from Elisa Cachero is perfect tocomplement the nautical décor. Once you get the right colors or patterns, now you should consider thematerials. If you want low maintenance curtains, you better pick showercurtains made of polyester or vinyl. But if you want eco-friendly curtains,cotton curtains or linen curtains are your best choice.

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