Tips to Pick Fancy Shower Curtains

Shower curtain is the easiest way to change the bathroom’s look, and tomake your bathroom stands out among the other rooms in the house. You may neverknow that shower curtain takes few roles for the bathroom. The first role younotice is that it gives you privacy when you’re showering. The second role isto be decorative features. Fancy shower curtains are the perfect choiceto decorate bathroom and turn it into a fancy room.

The third role is to be focal point. Focal point is the item that would anchor all the items in the room, so that all the decorative items are in balance. Now, the main question is how to pick shower curtains that could fulfill all those roles. Here are some tips from us. Have a look.

When you selecting colors for shower curtains, it is recommended to consider the existing décor in the bathroom. A bathroom that lacks of natural lights could use bright colors to brighten up the room. Neutral colors are perfect for small bathroom since it can make the room look bigger and more spacious.

There are many designs, prints, patterns, and styles that you can choose for making the curtain as a decorative feature. For example, ruffled curtains can be perfect decoration in a simple plain bathroom. Classical style is the best opt for those who love simplicity.

The curtain length is the next thing you need to consider for selecting the right shower curtains. The curtain length could be long until it touches the floor, and it could be short that it only touches the middle section. Casual style often use shorter curtains, while classical styles often use long curtains.

To choose the materials, you need to consider whether you want waterproof materials or not. Waterproof materials are cheaper and it is low maintenance. However, waterproof materials such as plastic, vinyl and polyester are not friendly to the ecosystem. Cotton and linen are more expensive and it gives warming atmosphere to the room. But those materials tend to absorb water, so you need to do regular maintenance or you’ll get mold on the curtain.

Those are the things you should consider in order to get the perfect shower curtains in the bathroom. Let your creativity guide you finding the shower curtains that will make your bathroom fun and interesting. Go shopping around the local shops or retail stores to get more references.

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