The Best Design for L Shaped Couch in The Living Room

L shapedcouch can bea complement to the interior in the living room. This model can be used for thenarrow room, but there are some things that must be considered to make this sofamodels blend with other furnishings. You can use the couch with brightcolors-gray odor. The floor in the living room should use a carpet with a darkbrown color. This color serves to make the room warm. The large glass wall willgive light to this room so the room does not become dark.

The small table was not placed in the middle of the couch but a small round table will be placed at the edge of the sofa. Living room is using a standing lamp for lighting at night. You have to give a touch of contrasting color to offset the gray and white in the room. You can put a pillow red to create the atmosphere of the room does not become empty. There are many designs appropriate to apply to this couch.

Sofa still use gray but offset with black pillows. The walls will be colored with a clean white color is given a touch of colorful abstract painting interesting. The floor in the living room can also be made with wood. Put carpet uniquely shaped and colored white on the floor. Table and vase also has a bright white color.

Another design has attractive color combinations. You can use beige sofa with decorative pillows and cushions plain dark brown. The glass wall has dark brown curtains. Table used is also made of wood that is designed with modern shape. The living room is directly joined with a dining table and there is a wall that covered the kitchen. This wall has a painting of a tree is brown and white frame.

Sofa with this model can also be used to watch television comfortably. Combinations used are wood and brick. Shelves for television are made of wood with a unique fiber. The wood is also used in the table are uniquely shaped. White and green sofa cushions into something interesting. Two monochrome painting becomes the perfect accessories to fill in the blank wall.

The next design is using shades of white with a white sofa. Abstract wallpaper behind the sofa will give it color. Two bright yellow cushions make the room beautiful. The table placed in this room is a small table made of glass. The main door was also used white. On the edge of the door there is a wall of glass to provide lighting.

The floor of the room was still using wood. The lights used are simple lamp that is placed behind the ceiling so no lights hanging. Unique ornaments such as sculptures of glass placed at the edge of the sofa. 

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