Simple Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden for Your Smart Small Backyard Ideas

Having a small backyards is not an obstacle if you want lots of greenery in your backyards. If you are creative and know the tips, plants can actually lots of plants can grow even in your small backyards. One of the ideas that can be applied is a vertical garden as your smart small backyard ideas.

What isvertical garden? Vertical garden is garden that build by vertical arrangedplants. Sometimes it also called plant wall, vertical plant, etc. Usually modernvertical garden applied in the wall with such complicated wateringmethods to keep the plants life. It is so good vertical garden because you cansee so many plants in your backyards wall, but you must have enough money tomake it.

You can actually make a simple vertical garden using former stuffs. Basically making vertical garden is how to make the plants grow and arranged vertically, so you must make the plant media can be arranged vertical or the media is vertical itself. I will give you the tips to make vertical garden using a plastic bottle.

First of all you must prepare the materials to make simple plastic bottle vertical garden. It consist of soil, plant seeds, manure, plastic bottle 1,5 L, rope, nails, knife or cutter. After preparing the stuffs you can start by cut the middle of the bottle, 5 cm from the top and 5 cm from the down. Cut squarely about 1/3 the length of bottle. Make 4 or 5 copy of the bottle.

Make the bottle can be hanged up by making hole to be tied up in the right and left the square hole. Arrange it so it can be tied up with 4 or 5 other bottles. Don’t forget to add the additional straps in the upper bottle so it can be hanged up.

Now, you can fill the bottle with the soil and manure 1:1. It means when you a handful of soil, you should put a handful of manure. Do it continuously until the bottle is full. Don’t make it solid, make sure there is still room the air. Do the same thing to another bottle

Then add some water gently (use sprayer), and plant the seeds. Make sure the space between seedlings calculated according to the type of plants used. Also make sure to plant only crops that do not need high growth or for harvesting leaves (very suitable for crops such as cabbage or kale). Do the same thing to all the bottles. Finally you can hang up the bottles. The more you make arrangement, more plants you can plant. You can combine the plants which have various color such as red spinach to make good decoration. Do watering with sprayer minimal in the morning and afternoon. Then your smart small backyards ideas using simple plastic bottle vertical garden is done!


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