Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathroom

As we know,bathroom is the room where mostly exist as the small part of the rooms in ourhouses. Is that right? However, sometimes we tend to dream and want to make thebathroom becomes a special place for us to get relax, especially while we arehaving a time in the bathtub. As result, to provide you some solution Irecommend you to use and apply shower curtain to your bathroom as the ShowerCurtain Ideas that we are going to discuss together in this article,particularly to apply the shower curtain in the small bathroom. Here, they aresome useful shower curtain ideas that will help you to create the beautifulone.

Measure the Right Size

The first thing that you have to do in dealing with your small bathroom is to measure the right size. It means that you have to know the right size. You can use tape to determine the width of the space that you are going to use as a place for your shower cover. Besides, you also have to measure the length, you can measure it from the top until the floor of the area that you are going to use for your shower curtain. In addition, you can install this stuff with something that you can put in one side, so it may help you in holding it while you are not using the curtain. You can choose the standard sized curtain, if you already know the size of your bathroom or even the area that you are going to use as the place for shower curtain. This standard size mostly able to help your bathroom to make it looks larger.

Choose the Right Color and Pattern

By choosing the best color and pattern for your helper to help you in covering from dry closet, it is going to be the best step in organizing your small bathroom. Here, I suggest you to choose the bright color; such as, white, yellow, and cream, since it is known as the easiest solution for small bathroom walls. On the other hand, if you painting your bathroom with dark color; such as, black, brown, dark green, and so on, it will cause your bathroom looks stuffy. Furthermore, in choosing the right pattern it will help you in making your small bathroom becomes looks larger and wider. Moreover, you can choose a solid color or vertical stripes and even horizontal line. These three kinds of pattern will make your bathroom is having a sense of cheerful. For horizontal line, it will create the illusion that your bathroom is alive and looks modest. Last but not the least, make sure that you already knew the size of your bathroom. Then, the next thing that you have to do in creating your small bathroom into the bigger and larger one is to determine whether you are going to use color or pattern. After that, choose the right color or pattern for your shower curtain.

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