Make A Pallet Coffee Table With Used Wooden Egg Basket

Have you ever drink coffee in the cafe? Did they use wooden table? Do you feel more comfortable in a cafe with wooden table?

Wooden pallet usually used to make furniture such as table, chair, even it used as the walls or floors of the house. Using wood in furniture can make them more comfortable. Utilizing pallet thrift is good idea. Because by doing that you can save the money for another needs and train your creativity. In addition, making something yourself makes it seem more valuable and unique.

Making the pallet table is so easy. You just have to arrange the pallet creatively. Make the plan or concept first to make your work easier. The plan The plan also will make you able to estimate how many pallets are needed.

Thrift pallet can be obtained from many objects, such as pallets of containers at the port or pallets of egg basket.  Here is the way to make your own a pallet coffee table with used egg baskets.

First of all you must prepare about 20 wooden egg basket (if you are lucky, you can get good enough quality woods of basket, but you should remove the bad woods if you don’t get it). Then you should prepare saws (for cutting), hammer (as beater of nails), brush (tool for painting), nails, varnish or wood coat, table leg of iron, glass tables (if necessary).

After preparing the stuffs, you can start to remove the pallets from the baskets. Make sure you choose the better woods, because you can find so many types of woods quality in egg baskets. Arrange it creatively until it has table shaped.

Use nails to combine a wooden pallet with one another until deemed strong enough. If it has been shaped table, use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the pallet. Then you can start painting with lacquer with a brush until all the parts and wait until dry.

Note the foot of the table as if it was too fragile usable iron reinforcement. If you are pleased, you can use glass as the cover of the table. It will the make the table comfortable to use especially to put or write something because usually the wood of the egg basket have no average shape.

For finishing touch you can add decoration such as writings, symbols, or whatever you want. Yup, that is how to make your own coffee table with egg basket pallets. It is so simple right? Just be creative and you can make anything to be more useful and unique.

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