How do I Pick Trendy Shower Curtains?

There are many ways to decorate a bathroom so that it will look morepleasant and good. Some people might renovate the bathroom, but some other whohave tight budget prefer to use trendy shower curtains as their weapon tochange the appearance. Not only the price is cheap, shower curtains also havevarious designs, styles, or material. So we can say that you have limitlessoptions to choose shower curtains.


Most design interior tips you have seen online or in magazine would say that the existing decoration is very important to be considered. That opinion is true, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel intimidated or limited with that. There are various designs, styles, and materials that you can choose and combine. For example, you have grey colors room, you can pick the shower curtains that would complement the room such as pebble printed curtains, or bright red colors to give an accent to the room.

Don’t try to compete shower curtains with the color of bathroom. For example, you have retro color styles in your bathroom which is dominated with pink. You can pick shower curtains with neutral color, but with the accent of embroidery or lace. Those accents would go hand in hand with bright pink color of the room.

We can do the same for the opposite sides. For example, you have plain bathroom that is so cold and dull. All you have to do is pick the shower curtains with vibrant colors or unique theme such as the shower curtain with big picture dominated the space. It sure will tell everyone who comes into the room that you have wit and you are not afraid to show your fun side.

Pay attention to the lighting in your bathroom whether it gets enough natural lights or not. The dark bathroom doesn’t work well together with heavy materials or dark colors since they would only make your already dark room become worse and suffocating. Pick the shower curtains that are made of light materials and have neutral colors, so that your room look airy and brighter. You might want to consider the bathroom function for choosing the materials. For example, waterproof materials such as vinyl and polyester are the best choice for kids’ bathroom because the kids like to splash the water around. If you choose cotton for kids’ bathroom, you have to clean it multiple times or the mold grows on it.

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