Give a Statement with Colorful Shower Curtains

Just like the other rooms in the house you should show a statement too inyour bathroom. In the other rooms, a statement usually shown by the largestpiece in the room, for example, the arts or the furniture. Sure you could dothe same in the room, but sometimes the size of the bathroom is the one thatmake it impossible to use the arts or the furniture as statement creator. Don’tworry you can use the item that is most common in the bathroom. That is showercurtain, or for being exact, colorful shower curtains.

black and white vertical striped shower curtain

The pop colors of the shower curtains is the easiest way to create a statement because the colors are not going to fail to attract the attention of anyone who is coming into the room. Though we said colorful, it does not mean the shower curtain should be in color from below to the top. You can pick shower curtains that mix and match colors with patterns. For example, one part of the curtain has neutral color, and the other part has lively pattern that create energizing look such as big floral pattern or fruit pattern.

You can make your bathroom look glamorous despite of its small size by installing glitter-themed shower curtains. You know how the look of showbiz entertainers when they walk on red carpet, right? These entertainers often have glitter on their wardrobe and makeup, so that they look sparkling when they got spotlights. That is the reason why you should pick glitter curtains to shimmer your bathroom with a glam.

For creating fun bathroom, you can use shower curtains with playful pattern and color such as polka dots. We often see fun-themed room using polka dot items for the accessories. Combine the polka dots pattern with brightly colors, then your bathroom turn into a cheerful bathroom.

It is easy to make a statement with shower curtains. Forget about the pattern or print, if you prefer blank shower curtains. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to pick curtain with boring colors. You can infuse the energy to the bathroom by choosing shower curtains with color combinations such as red and white, or you can pick shower curtains with color degradations. It will be pleasant to see all those colors in your bathroom.

It may take some times to finally get the right shower curtains. You may need to browse a lot or shop around to get what you want. But the more you have references, the more details you will get in your head. The details will narrow your search and help you deciding what statement you want to create in the bathroom.

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