DIY Party Decoration Ideas for Party in Budget

Party is often held to celebrate something special and those who hold it surelywant that everything will be perfect on the due date. One of the main concernswhen holding a party is how it will be looked like? That’s why the party ownerwill do various kinds of efforts in order to have stunning party which impressall the guests. Having a great party venue does not mean that you need to useluxurious things. Sometimes adding your own touch even can make the party evenmore special. If you plan to have budget party but remain look interesting,perhaps these DIY party decoration ideas can help you.

Paper chain

Even though it seems simpler but paper chain can exude nostalgic feeling when used as party decoration. This paper chain can be made paper like what you have done when you are still kids. It is the right time to use again your creative touch in order to make more beautiful paper chain that can be used as interesting party decoration. This paper chain can be hung in on the wall of the venue or the entrance. This also can be dangled from the ceiling to add more joyful look. It serves as a great photo booth background as well.

Lit umbrella

Another unique idea to create interesting party decoration is using umbrella. You might never realize it but combining umbrellas and bulb lights which are dangled upside down is effective to create the mood. This idea is pretty easy to be applied and will surprise the guests who come to the party. You can hang the umbrellas outside such as at the garden for summer party and you can turn the yard into dance floor. This will is pretty affordable idea since you can borrow or rent the umbrellas for short use and the effect is you will get romantic party ambiance due to that combination.

Yarn lantern Yarn lantern also serves as DIY decoration which offers fun and festive atmosphere in the party. They look very unique and even can make the guest jaw-dropping when they look at them. Besides, they are pretty easy to make since you only require yarn, balloons, craft glue, newspaper, wax paper, pins and hangers. You can place a lamp inside the yarn and hang them outside when you hold night party. It will give romantic look to the party venue. Colourful yarn lantern also can be great decoration if you hang them above the table.

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