5 Things You Should Consider in Teen Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms isso important for teens. Most of them spend their time in the room for so manypurposes, such as studying, playing video game or music, reading their favoritebooks and of course sleeping. Therefore it needs stuffs to accommodate theirwants. Here are five things that you must consider in teen bedroomideas.

1.             Comfortable bed

As the most important function of a bedroom, you must consider with the bed itself. You can make it as comfortable as possible. Comfortable doesn’t mean it should be big or something like that. If you just have fitted body bed, you can make it comfortable by applying your favorite bed cover, put patterned pillows or some dolls.

2.             Wallpaper or wall paint

I think it will so boring if you just apply white wall color to your bedroom. As bedroom is your own room, you must make it representative to yourself so you can feel comfort in your own room. Start from the wall, just apply color or pattern you like. It is not prohibited to combine more than 2 colors to paint the walls. If you are pleased, you can add an element of natural color.  You must combine it properly so you can get more comfort than just applied one color.

3.             Unique work corner

Bedroom usually contain a set of table, book cabinet, and computer to support your learning activities. So it is important to consider its layout to make it comfortable. It is probably you must put them in the space with the mostly light are there, such as near the windows or in the space which is not back to the lamp. I think it will endure your studying if you make the corner unique by applying colorful paint or using irregular furniture.

4.             Individual space

Despite in the wall color, you can make your bedroom representative by making individual space. You can put fluffy carpet for your reading zone, put your favorite action figure or just pasting your favorite idol posters. It will liven your bedroom.

5.             Lighting and air circulation

Last but not least, considering the lighting and air circulation is important too. As there are so many things you will do in the bedroom, it will so painful when your room stuffy. You should also make sure your room is quite bright even in daylight at least to save on electricity bills.

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